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We are excited and proud to offer SureSmile braces at Dr. Alyssa Orthodontics. SureSmile braces are designed to provide the best clinical results possible when it comes to traditional braces.

SureSmile braces work by custom creating archwires designed specifically for your smile needs. They use customized Shape Memory Alloy, or SMA wires, to ensure that constant and precise force is being delivered to your teeth. This allows for fewer in-office doctor visits and a significantly shorter treatment time.

Because SureSmile braces are customized specifically for your unique orthodontic needs, you will experience less discomfort than traditional braces. SureSmile braces are a great option for adults and teens alike. If you are looking to perfect your smile, we encourage you to schedule your complimentary consultation to learn more about SureSmile braces.

SureSmile FAQ

Common Questions About SureSmile

We understand that you probably have a lot of questions about what SureSmile is and how it will impact your day to day life! Whether you’re curious about how long treatment will take to if you can still enjoy eating all of your favorite foods, we are here to answer your questions.

If you don’t see a question you have here, please, don’t hesitate to reach out! One of our team members will be happy to answer your questions. We look forward to meeting you and your teen at their in-office or virtual complimentary consultation!

Because every smile is different and has its own unique needs, we can’t estimate how long treatment will take without evaluating your needs.

During your complimentary consultation, we will sit down with you and go over your investment and different payment options we offer.

Not at all! Because SureSmile uses customized archwires, there is little to no discomfort compared to traditional braces.

While it may take some time to adjust to talking with your SureSmile braces on, there will be no long term effects on your speech.

SureSmile works by using customized archwires to apply continuous force to each tooth in order to move it into the appropriate position.

We recommend brushing 2-3 times every day or after every meal. We also recommend flossing regularly, and will go over how you can floss when you get your SureSmile braces on!

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